Defy Expectations

There is a tangible power in defying expectations.

Knowing what your adversary expects or has become used to, will allow you, when the moment is right, to create or exploit the circumstances to surprise them. Knock them off balance or set them back on their heels. When possible, calculate this approach in a way that throws the observers momentum off just enough to exploit their momentary emotional confusion or fear.

Example: we have all been confronted by authorities having seen our behavior or actions as being in violation of their standards; do not try to run or excuse your action. Instead, admit the violation and demonstrate your regret and apologize.

“Ma’am, you are right. I was not doing (fill in the blank). There is no excuse for that. Please accept my apology; it won’t happen again.”

Most observers that will confront someone are already loaded with the expectation of hearing a denial or excuse for the offending action. An admission of guilt will almost always throw them off, and they will often fumble with your newly confounded behavior. Achieving this allows you to gain the upper hand: if you are so able.

Now, as a leader, be prepared for an offender to exercise this exploit.

Great generals and leaders have done this. You too must perfect this as both the offender and offended.

“Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable.”

–Gen. George S. Patton

Photo Credit to Jon Tyson and Unsplash

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