Burn the Self Help Books.

The traditional leadership industry (probably unknown to itself) feeds a false hope because they make leadership seem easy on the surface and easily reductive in formulation and application. Those stalwarts and legacy academics of the industry seldom, if ever impress upon their readers and listeners just how much hard work good leadership really requires.  

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When the Starlings fly in their Collective Glory, can anyone decipher the leader of their magnificent act   The Heart beats, Glands secrete, Kidneys purify, every cell performs the most exacting functions and the Brain reflects   The many Billion Galaxies of effervescent stars and nascent space.  Of Black holes and Milky Ways, does someone... Continue Reading →

In Times Like this: A Leader Should Intently Study and Concentrate on their Mortality.

“Meditations on Death Should be Performed Daily” -- Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Hagakure A leader should intently study and concentrate on their mortality. Reflections upon modern leadership should be aimed to shed light on the certain realities that today’s peace-loving culture would otherwise shun as outdated, barbaric and unfair. Robert Greene warns us accordingly “the problem for... Continue Reading →

Words Are Pack Hunters.

Your use of language should be more than aesthetic endeavors like cooking or music. Language can and is more than an art of communication. Words are living things; they have personality, point of view, agenda. Though you may strive for beauty in your language, they must be insidiously calculated when time and priorities allow. Precise... Continue Reading →

Warnings of Dogmatism

Dogma, the established belief or doctrine held by a religion, ideology or any kind of organization that is authoritative, and not to be disputed. Dogma is why we fight or show disgust for new ideas, alternatives, and change. It takes work and conscious effort in the way you process new information, to be less dogmatic... Continue Reading →

Accept the Weakness

We always hide our weakness. Because of this we always berate others for theirs. It's the history of humanity. Until we can face ourselves, we will continue to mistreat others and lose out on connections that are beneficial among each other and value added to your team.

Defy Expectations

There is a tangible power in defying expectations. Knowing what your adversary expects or has become used to, will allow you, when the moment is right, to create or exploit the circumstances to surprise them. Knock them off balance or set them back on their heels. When possible, calculate this approach in a way that... Continue Reading →

Leaders do not fear monger. Leaders inform and educate to conquer fear instead of creating it. Those who attempt to win you over by fear only feint leadership.

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