Leadership, a Possibility Space

Everything is a possibility space. Every moment is potential. All that waits is your moment of decision. A binary moment of yes or no. Left or right. Up or down. On or off. From each, an ever-increasing cascade of events will unfold before you, unseen, unknown and infinite.

“Many of these networks exist in space, thereby “inheriting” their properties from it.”

Understand this: You are locked into what is in front of you right now, right here. You are unable to release yourself from this moment as it moves to the next and the next and the next. This is, and has been your whole life; an accumulation of one moment after another. Our culture has made it tremendously hard to think past that next moment. Even the construct of our language and therefore our thoughts have unknowingly locked us into this. Your repeated pattern of day to day life locks you into this and makes it more and more difficult to think past the right now, tomorrow, next year or even five years from now.

What you do now has an infinite possibility of unknown effects, whose implications could be or will be unfathomable. Innocent now, but diabolical in their future results.


Know this well, as a leader: you are a possibility space, untapped potential waiting to happen. To be used well, poorly, or not at all. Realize that you can and will have unknown effects on the events and the people around you, your organization, your team and for those whom you are responsible to lead, protect and foster.

“While that may sound trivial, this fact takes on a whole new meaning considering that even social media networks are found in space with respect to the individuals acting in them, even though the dimensional aspect is not paramount.”

–Franz-Benjamin Mocnik.

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